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 updated 24.04.2018
18.- 19.06.2016 - International Cat Show Gliwice, Poland
After two days Alain gained his first CACIB
Our little male Anubis Adoelle*PL graced his first  Best IN SHOW. CONGRATULATIONS!

18.06.2016. I publish a post of my dear friends Anna & Michal Pudełko, I want to thank them for their love for Alvin:

Yes, we did it!!!
During XIII International Cat Show in Gliwice we have earned the last certificate required for the highest cat show title of Supreme Premior

SP Imani Alvin ADOELLE*PL comes from the most recognised and widely awarded SBI cattery in Poland and has become the first neutered sacred birman ever in Poland to be awarded a Supreme Premior title winning so far 10 victories in Best in Shows.

Many thanks Ivetka! 

05.06.2016 - International Cat Show Kraków - Poland
Alain EX1 - Alain reached title CHAMPION

10.05.2016 !!! Fantastic day :-)
We have two new sushine in our home. Parents are Prisha Pandora Adoelle*PL & SC Dakarai Happy`s Adoelle*PL. So small wonders :-)

01.05.2016 - Inetrnational Cat Show Zilina - Slovakia

30.04.2016 - International Cat Show Frydek Mistek - CZ

14.04.2016 - our beloved Happy Hope give birth two beautiful kittens. The boy - Daryl Dixon and the girl Denerys Targarien Adoelle*PL are healthy together with mommy.

05. - 06.03.2016 - International cat show - Wroclaw, Poland
Alain both days  EX1, NOM BIS

16. - 17.01.2016 - Our firs FIFe show :-) Warszawa Poland
Our beloved little bear Crowned Dream Alain (Alanek) is simply the best!
On both days EX1, NOM BIS, BIS juniors 7-10

30.11.2015 - We have 3 wonderful babies! Mother: IC Indulekha Lamila Adoelle*PL & Father: SC Geronimo Adoelle*PL
Anabelle Adoelle*PL - SBI f (seal tortie) - reserved
Adonis Adoelle*PL - SBI d (red point) - reserved
Anubis Adoelle*PL - SBI n (seal point) - reserved

29. - 30.08.2015 - Cat Show Zilina Slovakia
Our sweet Indulekha Lamila Adoelle*PL - on both days won CAGCIB.
Little Xalunia Adoelle*PL made debut at her first show and she gained NOM BIS!

19.06.2015 - new photos of Litter "Y" and new phptps of Litter "Z"

07.05.2015 -
My nice litter "Z"
Mother: Prisha Pandora Adoelle*PL
Father: D*Catali`s Teddy

01.05.2015 - Willow new pictures

22.04.2015 - Welcome babies!
Dolce Vita was born two beautiful girls and one nice boy :-)

30.03.2015 - Dear friends!
I`m happy! My Happy Hope fulfilled my dream. Thank you Happy! For the first time in the history of my cattery was born only girls! $ beautiful princess was born at 5 AM. I`m happy, I`m happy, I`m happy!

27.03.2015 - Emma Suuri with her darling. One boy was born 27.03.2015. Bitrh weight - 120g. 3 days of the morning - 160g.

16.02.2015 - Bastienka was born 3 babies. Girl and boys. We are happy!

14.02.2015 - Lamilka was born :-). 1  girl and 2 boys :-))))))